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Young Infant Room: 6 weeks- Mobile

Wobbler Room: Mobile-18 months


Toddler Room: 16 months-33 months


Preschool Room: 33 months-First day of Kindergarten


School Age Room: Kindergarten-13 years


                                      Young Infant Room 

This room is for those who are 6 weeks up until they are mobile. Your child will get all the love and affection that you can ask for.  Every child has their own daily schedule, and we will follow it to ensure that a happy and healthy child comes home every day.

                        Wobbler Room

Your child will move up to this room once they are mobile and getting around by scooting or crawling. They will stay in this room until they are 18 months old. In this room your child will learn how to be a toddler. They will learn how to sit at a table, eat with a plate, fork, spoon, and a cup. Once they are a year old, they will learn how to sleep on a cot, and will be allowed to use a blanket. They will also learn how to better socialize with their friends. 


​Toddler Room


This room is for those who are 18 months old until they are 31 months old. It is never too early to socialize. Your child will make friends and build relationships with staff as well as other children. They will become more independent in terms of eating, playing, and potty training. They will start learning how to sit at circle time and learning their colors. 



Preschool Room


Our preschool room is for those children who are 31 months old to the first day of kindergarten. Being prepared academically is important and being ready socially is just as important. The schedule and structure will be a big adjustment that they will become comfortable with as they experience it. You and your child will be excited knowing they are ready for kindergarten! 



School Age Room


Our school age room is for those that are in kindergarten to through 12 years of age. We are serious about school and fun. A place to get homework done and help if necessary.  Art, math, science, puzzles, and projects are fun and exciting ways to explore and explain anything and everything. In summer we take field trips and have fun just being kids.










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